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Natural and Holistic Health Care for Pets

The holistic approach to pet health is focused on treating the “whole animal” recognizing that good nutrition is an essential element of overall well-being. Pets need love, quality nutrition, plenty of sleep, clean air, fresh water, exercise, sunshine, and positive surroundings. A holistic approach to wellness encompasses all these elements. Good nutrition is the single most important factor. That is why we use and recommend Flint River Ranch Dog Food, offering top-of-the-line dog and cat foods that are carefully formulated keeping your pets' health and happiness in mind. Each unique formula provides the perfect combination of human-grade meats, wholesome grains, garden fresh vegetables and herbs plus a superior blend of vitamins and minerals. 4.29.2015

Holistic formulas have been used for decades for safe, natural care of pets with a wide variety of organ system support. Holistic medicine offers a safe alternative to conventional medicines for many pets, using natural micro-doses of natural pet-safe botanical extracts, which help a dog or cat's body resolve health issues from within.

On this website you will find information about natural Flint River Ranch Dog Food and the importance of a nutritious diet, vitamins, and supplements that will enhance dog and cat health, natural and herbal remedy treatments for specific diseases and conditions, and other advice for a non-traditional, earth-friendly approach to pet health. This will make your dogs and cats healthy, happy, and loving companions. 




You will also find a lot of information about homemade dog food as well as homemade dog treat recipes. Pets need to have all the necessary nutrients in proper balance to achieve and maintain good health. Proteins, carbohydrates, essential oils and fatty acids, along with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and trace elements are universally recognized as essential for good health. We also know that supporting the immune system with high-quality foods and supplements can help keep our pets strong and help to maintain resistance to disease and degeneration.

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